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Your Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney

I’m Justin Hollimon, a passionate criminal defense attorney serving clients in Towson and across Maryland. At The Hollimon Firm, my legal practice includes criminal defense, where I stand as a confident, caring and dedicated advocate for those facing legal hurdles. With a focus on Towson and beyond, I’m committed to providing unwavering support and personalized representation.

Representing A Range Of Criminal Cases

As a criminal defense attorney, I navigate a spectrum of cases, each demanding a unique approach. Here’s an insight into the specific types of cases I handle:

  • DUI/DWI: Defending individuals accused of driving under the influence, ensuring a thorough examination of the circumstances to safeguard your rights
  • Traffic violations: Addressing a range of traffic offenses to minimize consequences and preserve your driving record
  • Theft, burglary and robbery: Offering a robust defense against charges related to theft, burglary and robbery, emphasizing your side of the story
  • Assault: Advocating for clients facing assault charges, aiming for a fair and just resolution tailored to your case
  • Gun crimes: Providing strategic defense for individuals accused of gun-related offenses, emphasizing responsible gun ownership
  • Sex crimes: Offering discreet and sensitive representation for those facing sex crime allegations, ensuring a fair legal process
  • Murder/homicide: Navigating the complexities of serious charges, crafting a meticulous defense to protect your rights and freedom
  • Drug crimes: Defending against drug-related charges, exploring all legal avenues to defend your case

Navigating the intricacies of criminal defense requires a dedicated attorney who listens, understands and fights for your rights. I am committed to being accessible, prompt and personable, ensuring you receive the attention your case deserves.

Championing Your Rights: Call Today

If you’re facing legal challenges, whether they are related to DUI, assault or any other criminal charge, reach out for a free consultation. Call 410-846-0741 or complete this online form to discuss your case. Your journey to a robust defense begins with a conversation, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.