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Understanding Theft, Robbery And Burglary In Maryland

In facing allegations related to theft, burglary or robbery, having a dedicated theft lawyer by your side is crucial. I’m attorney Justin Hollimon, and I’m here to guide you through the complexities of these charges, offering my unwavering support.

Navigating The Nuances Of Theft, Robbery And Burglary

In my legal career, I’ve encountered theft, burglary and robbery cases. Whether in involves stealing from private homes, businesses, commercial facilities or retail stores, each charge carries its own challenges. Understanding the differences is critical.

  • Theft: Often involving unlawfully taking someone else’s property, theft charges can stem from various situations. This may include shoplifting in retail stores or more serious offenses. The potential penalties are severe, ranging from fines that could lead to financial ruin to the lasting impact of a criminal record.
  • Robbery: Distinguished by the use of force or threat, robbery charges imply a direct confrontation with the victim. The consequences extend beyond the act itself, with potential prison time, damage to your reputation and limitations on future career opportunities.
  • Burglary: Involving entering a building intending to commit a crime, burglary charges are equally serious. The potential repercussions encompass criminal penalties and the lasting stigma of a conviction.

As a dedicated theft attorney at The Hollimon Firm, I bring a combination of confidence, care and consistency to your defense. My passion and dedication extend to listening intently to your side of the story. I’m not just an attorney; I’m your advocate, committed to fighting for your rights in all types of criminal matters.

Defend Your Future

If you’re facing allegations of theft, burglary or robbery, your future is at stake. Contact me online or call 410-846-0741 for a free consultation. I’m here to provide the legal support you need, standing with you in Towson and across Maryland. Let’s navigate these challenges together.