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What is the process for a car accident claim in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes are part of daily life in Maryland. Millions of people use motor vehicles to commute to work or take care of the needs of their family members. Crashes therefore occur frequently.

Those involved in a car crash may not understand what steps to take next. Particularly when they know they were not the ones at fault for the crash, they may take for granted the idea that they should receive financial compensation for property damage losses and injuries. They may need to pursue a claim after the crash to get the compensation they require.

What is the standard process for a car crash claim in Maryland?

Gather evidence and notify authorities

Some of the most important steps when responding to a car crash occur right at the scene of the collision. People often need to use their mobile devices to take photos or capture video of the scene of the crash. They can preserve key evidence that could impact their claims later. They also need to report the collision to the local authorities. Both the evidence that they gather and the police report they file may have an impact on their right to compensation later.

Confirm insurance coverage and expenses

Drivers involved in a crash usually exchange identifying information, vehicle registration details and insurance policy information. The person not at fault for the crash may be able to file a claim against the other driver’s coverage.

They need to validate how much liability coverage the other driver carries. Some people have far more insurance than others, but all drivers should have at least $15,000 of property damage coverage and $30,000 of bodily injury coverage. Before someone negotiates with an insurance provider, they need to know what the crash may cost them. Getting medical treatment and an estimate from a mechanic can help people validate the true cost of the collision.

Consider litigation if necessary

The negotiation of an insurance claim may require assistance from a legal professional, as insurance companies often negotiate aggressively to minimize what they pay. Having a lawyer already familiar with the situation can benefit those injured in a crash as they may have an easier time exploring a personal injury lawsuit. In cases where someone has massive expenses or the driver at fault for the crash does not have insurance, a lawsuit may be the best means of recovering the expenses generated during the wreck. Most lawsuits settle, but a lawyer can help someone prepare for the possibility of taking their claim to trial.

The average person may have a hard time managing a car crash claim on their own. Partnering with a legal professional can take a lot of stress off of the people injured by a recent car wreck in Maryland.